Oct 13 – Oct 16 Wrap-up

October 16, 2009


  • loads of testing. Uncovered new bugs and help Dusting fix most of them.
    • multiple installs on two sets of hardware in Montreal.
    • stress testing.
  • help scott and other to debug their UEC install.
  • review and upload image-store-proxy (working now).

Upgrades testing

  • help out mvo to add logic to handle mysql 5.0 upgrade from jaunty to karmic.
  • Support MySQL cluster setup.


  • review and sponsor checkbox for marc.
  • review and sponsor landscape-client new upstream release.

Sep 28 – Oct 02 Wrap-up

October 5, 2009

Loads of Karmic Beta -server isos testing.

One day of UEC Beta testing: chased down with Dustin and Matt the failure of the auto-registration upstart scripts. Turns out to be a bug in Upstart – known by Scott who has a simple fix (dbus related).

Investigate failed RAID installation: this is a known boot loader issue. Added a section about it to the Karmic Release note.

Install UNR Karmic beta on my mini 10v. Write up blog post about it. Looks slick.

Put shorewall back into main. Fell off to universe due to a package rename in Debian.

More work on directory/krb5 infrastructure using puppet: add support for slapd modules and schemas to the puppet configuration. Slow progress towards a fully automated deployment of a directory+krb5 infrastructure for testing purposes in EC2.

Update server team knowledge with the lists of daily New,Undecided Bugs so that daily triaging can be kicked off. The lists are automatically generated on qa.ubuntu.com.

Sep 20 – Sep 25 Wrap-up

September 27, 2009

Spent most of my week in Portland to attend conferences.


  • Attended LDAPCon 2009 and published report.
  • Attended LinuxCon 2009.

Image Store Proxy

  • Updated image-store-proxy to 1.0. This version brings support for gpg signed images. Still need testing against the real-world Canonical Image Store infrastructure.

Sep 11 – Sep 18 Wrap-up

September 18, 2009


Package image-store-proxy to enable the Image Store tab in Eucalyptus. The package (python-image-store-proxy) has made its way to main and on the -server isos in time for alpha6 with the help of Thierry and Kees.


Kept on investigating the use of puppet to build an ldap/krb5 infrastructure on EC2. Integrated dnsmasq and puppetmaster configuration. Discovered a few bugs along the way and reported them upstream. My current work is available from an LP branch. And puppet is awesome!

Alpha6 ISO testing

Loads of alpha6 testing.

Landscape-client Stable Release Update

Reviewed the landscape-client and smart SRU requests from the Landscape team.

Bug scripts

With the help of Brian my bug scripts are now regularly run on qa.ubuntu.com. All bug lists used in the SRU review and the triaging process can be found on qa.ubuntu.com.


Updated my status report script to publish a draft of my activity report on my blog as the weekly “wrap-up”.

Sep 07 – Sep 11 Wrap-up

September 11, 2009


Upload new sssd package to fix lintian errors and pull two fixes from upstream. Brainstorm with upstream about testing the package.

Prepare and upload openldap 2.4.18 to Karmic once the FFe was granted. That should complete the last part of the specification and brings disconnected mode support on the client via the cache overlay.

Looked into using puppet to build an openldap/krb infrastructure to test all the directory related components on the client side (sssd, openldap pcache overlay). The idea is to be able to pull up and down complete environments within minutes using a combination of EC2/UEC and puppet.

Follow up on puppet promotion into main for karmic.

Ended up writing a custom puppet type to handle slapd modules using the default karmic configuration. This gave me a good overview of how puppet is working.

Imate-store packaging

Looked at packaging. Follow-up call with Gustavo. Should have a package ready on Monday in time for alpha6. More polishing will be done for beta.

Apport in the default server install

Add apport to the default server install as requested by steve beattie for the karmic-qa-apport-in-ubuntu-server specification.

Linux-virtual missing virtio modules

Chase down and confirmed that linux-virtual kernel doesn’t have any of the virtio modules. Bug 423426 is milestoned and should be on the release team radar. This has a high importance as virtio vms cannot boot in karmic. Tim is working on it.

Mysql maintenance

Caught up on (lots of) mysql 5.0 and 5.1 bugs. Updated DebuggingMysql page in the process of triaging bugs.

Upload mysql 5.0 and 5.1 to fix a couple of bugs. Both mysql-server-core-5.{0,1} packages provide mysql-server-core which should be used by packages requiring the mysqld binary (such as akonadi).


Write up a script to get a list of ubuntu-server SRU bugs assigned to people. This produces the remaining list to be reviewed during the team meeting with the updated SRU workflow in the ubuntu-server team.


Reviewed checkbox merge proposal from Marc. Asked for a FFe as there is one new feature.


Arrange travel for LDAPcon/linuxcon in Portland, OR next week.