Ubuntu Server Bug Zap: MySQL 5.1

Following up on the kvm and samba bug zap days I’m organizing a two day bug
zap around MySQL.

First phase: bug triaging

First in line is triaging all the bugs related to mysql-dfsg-5.1 package. As
of Tue Mar 30 00:23:04 UTC 2010 there are 27 bugs waiting to be looked at.

The goal is to have the importance set for all bugs and have as many bugs
status moved to either Triaged or Invalid/Won’t Fix.

A few resources are available to help out:

Objective: get the list of bugs to zero.

One Response to Ubuntu Server Bug Zap: MySQL 5.1

  1. Sebastian Bertho says:

    Yes, this is the most unsuited place to write about a specific bug – but I’m new to launchpad & bug-hunting…

    As I understand, a bug can only be set to “Triaged” by a member of “UbuntuBugControl”. As I’m not a member of this group:

    Could somebody please set #521936 to “triaged”? The bug duplicates like #34181 (yes, this bug is sooo old) are already set to “triaged”.

    I think the importance should be at least set to “low” as it will corrupt data in a mysql-table if you use command line tools like mysql/mysqldump on a utf8 console.

    What else can I do to get this bug fixed?

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